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containerized RO plant
Complete water treatment plant in containers - ready for use - for optimum safety :

A water treatment solution consists of several treatment steps, e.g. filtration, softening, and demineralization - all controlled from a central control cabinet. These units must be put together on site. If the end-user or the contractor is uncertain if the installation can be carried out locally within the determined economic and temporal scopes, it can be an advantage to order a water treatment plant (container or frame-mounted) which is ready for use when supplied

We are happy to make quotations for start-up of plants and training of the operating crew.
containerized RO plant
  • 1

    Complete water treatment plant in a 20 feet container. The solution consists of dosing, carbon filtration, softening, and demineralization through a reverse osmosis plant.

  • 2

    40 feet container with water treatment consisting of oxydation and filtration in a pressure filter plant type TFB 20. The plant has a capacity of 90 m3/h.

  • 3

    64 m3/h demineralized water produced in a reverse osmosis plant. A dosing plant is also installed in the container.

  • 4

    EDI plant with a capacity of 60 m3/h totally demineralized water with a very low conductivity and silica acid content for producing boiler water for high pressure steam turbine.

The solution is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. The whole plant has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. This safety can be achieved with a UltraTec Water Treatment frame-mounted plant or a container-installed plant.
With a container, you also have the advantage that the container itseslf is an actual building which in this way can be left out in the project. The containers can be delivered with and without insulation and can be equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, door-in-door, emergency shower, etc.
We have constructed many different custom-made plants adapted to specific demands and wishes. Below, you can see different examples of this.

Benefits of Containerized RO Plants

  • Plug and Play Unit
  • Minimum civil construction required
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Off shore Applications
  • Armed Services Camps
  • Construction Sites
  • Mining Operations
  • Resorts

Benefits of Containerized RO Plants

  • High recovery
  • High TDS Rejection
  • Quick Installation
  • Low energy and chemical consumption
  • Easy Spare parts availability as standard Components are used
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Condition : New
  • Voltage : 220 - 380 V
  • Color : Multicolor
  • Finishing : Polished

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