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We gives you most precious metals to provide you with a natural and most advanced water sanitizing solution.

We supply copper silver ionization system in uae for Residential and commercial swimming pools, hot tubs, fountains, marine aquariums and cooling towers.
Copper-silver ionization technology is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to control Legionella bacteria within potable water distribution networks found in hospitals, hotels and other large facilities. Legionella, is a type of bacteria which causes a form of atypical pneumonia.

Use of Copper-Silver ionization over the ages:
Wateronics copper silver ionization system
  • 1

    Ancient greeks were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper

  • 2

    Ancient egyptians kept their water in silver containers to prevent water contamination

  • 3

    Dentist have used silver to fill cavities for decades because of its strong antibacterial features.

  • 4

    Early travellers / explorers used copper and silver coins to keep their water safe from algae, bacteria and viruses during long voyages

  • 5

    During the plague-ridden middle ages, mothers were known to place a silver spoon in an infant’s mouth to ward off diseases.

  • 6

    NASA scientist used Copper-silver ionization to supply safe drinking water for the crew on long space missions.

  • 7

    This ancient knowledge is commercialized and used as an alternative to chlorine for pool water disinfection.

Save money with a Chemical Free Pool Water Treatment System

Swimming is a great way to stay fit, but pool water containing chlorine can lead to various health issues in the long run. Chlorine is popular as it sanitizes, oxidizes and deters algae growth in swimming pools. However, it has a strong odor, reddens eyes, causes itchy skin and it is a known carcinogen - meaning it is linked to cancer!.


  • Safe, effective and non-toxic
  • Effective at High and Low Temperatures
  • Minimum maintenance of water distribution system
  • Copper-silver is non-corrosive.
  • Environment friendly and does not produce any disinfection by products.

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