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Desktop Ozone Generator for Water Treatment

Ozone is more active than oxygen, density is 1.5 times of oxygen. The oxidation capacity is second to fluorine, the bactericidal ability is 3000 times of fluorine. It can quickly neutralize, oxidate, break down harmful substances, and remove odor from water and air, bleach wastewater.

1. Ozone is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O3
2. Ozone is easy breaking down to be O2 without second pollution.
3. Ozone can be used for sterilization, disinfection, reducing BOD & COD, oxidize heavy metals, bleaching, decoloration, and remove odor.

Generous, beautiful, lightweight and practical, humanized control panel design, easy to operate and easy to use
Desktop Ozone Generator GO-D
  • 1

    Oxygen Flow Meter

    Adjust oxygen/airflow to change ozone output

  • 2

    Digital Ampmeter

    The different current along with adjusting ozone adjuster

  • 3

    Working LED

    Flash when power connected

  • 4


    Microcomputer timer

  • 5

    Oxygen Inlet

    Oxygen/air inlet

  • 6

    Ozone Outlet

  • 7

    Ozone Adjuster

    Adjust ozone PCB power to change ozone output

  • 8

    Switch ON/OFF

    Insulated material with LED

Real Material for Each Part

Use air cooled ceramic ozone cell + adjustable PCB, which with stable ozone output, high ozone concentration and long life time

  • Fan Filter Cover : Oiless cooling fan with filter mesh
  • Socket with Fuse : Socket + One fuse with a backup
  • Window : Two sides with windows for heating dissipation
  • Screw : Customized SS304 Screw
  • Handle : Easy for Carrying
  • Support : Can be closed or stand up

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