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Portable Double filter alkaline water flasks
Stainless Steel Healthy & Beautiful Design Easy to use in Daily Life!

The Alkaline Flask can change the common purified water into activated water by the activation of Pearl calcium ion and Energy stone, which can release far Infrared ray and negative ion, thereby causing the syntony of water molecules, releasing mineral element (such as Ca, Mg , K, Ca ), and changing the common purified water into nanometer activated water. The nanometer activated water is made up of macromolecules group, with negative potential & alkalescence, It has strong penetrability and solubility; it can eliminate the excrescent free radical, detoxicate the alcohol & tobacco, and improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.

Alkaline water flask Product Properties
  • 1

    Adjust pH in 15 seconds

  • 2

    Improve the acidic

  • 3

    Eliminate free radicals

  • 4

    Increase metabolism

Alkaline Flask Wateronics UAE

DIY (Do It Yourself) installation RO system comes complete with a NSF certified 3.2 gallons water storage tank, USA made membrane and all the necessary fittings, installation kits, extra color 1/4" tubing, and a long-reach chrome faucet. We don't know of any other system at our price that can approaches its performance..

Suggesting of alkaline water flask :

  • Cleaning it with boiled water at least 3 times before you use it for the first time.(pour boiled water with more than half volume of cup, vibrate it up and down)
  • At the first month you use it, one minute is enough, just keep water in the cup for one minute before drinking ,( you can test the PH value after one minute)
  • After one month, keep the water in the cup for 3 minute before drinking.( you can test PH value after 3 minutes.)
  • If using pirufied water , you should appropriately prolong the time that keep water in energy cup. As the acidic of purified water is too long.

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