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Smart portable mobile reverse osmosis seawater desalination system

This Unique Sea water RO System has no need of electricity which is specially designed for small boats, fishing Boats, camping and ice lands. It converts direct sea water into sweet drinkable water without Feed water tank and does not require any separate storage tank which makes the system unique.This System has its own storage tank and smart faucet. Cost effective that comes fit on every budget.

We have desalinator flow rate: 500LPD, 1000LPD, 2000LPD, 3000LPD, 5000LPD,

portable seawater desalination machine also has modern design and high integration etc. characteristics. portable seawater desalination machine has most matching accessories, can directly use after connect with water and power, easy operation. portable seawater desalination machine has a wide range of power supply, can be connected with common household AC power, gasoline/dieselgenerator..

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    We have 500LPD, 1000LPD, 2000LPD, 3000LPD, 5000LPD, 10000LPD flow rates seawater RO desalination system etc

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    It is portable and compact, skid and move around for outdoor camping drinking water treatment, remote island drinking water problems etc

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    We also can customize different flow rate seawater RO system and different size..

Small Irrigating Reserve Osmosis Seawater Desalination Plant for Irrigation

  • We also can do different flow rate according to client's requirements.
  • It can be used in some islands or some areas lacking of fresh water, sailing yachts, shipping boats and so on.
  • The size is small;
  • It is movable and convenient;
  • Easy operation and less maintenance;
  • It can turn seawater into direct drinking fresh water;
  • We also have CE certificate for it.

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