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Reverse Osmosis Systems feature a unique and innovative compact design that allows for easy installation in any size area.

Seawater desalination is unequivocally the future of drinking water production for coastal communities and island countries in the current time of water scarcity. It is already used a lot in a few countries. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States are the top three desalination producers of drinking water by capacity in the world.
These countries benefit from desalination systems because they have a particularly dry climate with few freshwater resources, or because they need an expansion of water resources beyond their existing available water resources.

Some basic used of SWRO ( Seawater Reverse Osmosis ) Plants

These seawater desalination systems are mostly used by coastal communities and offer a practically unlimited supply of nutrient water. Know some details about the applications of this seawater desalination technology.

  • 1

    Auto operating by pressing one key, easy, convenient to operate & Auto Cleaning

  • 2

    Auto dosing, reducing the fouling of the seawater RO membrane.

  • 3

    Fully polished stainless steel frame, safe and fastness, elegant appearance.

  • 4

    On-line conductivity meter, monitoring the output water quality at any time

  • 5

    Kinds of flow and pressure testing instruments, monitoring the device operating state at any time

  • 6

    Device fault alarm and indication is convenient for identifying the causes and maintenance quickly.

  • 7

    The machine sets up high and low voltage protection to prevent the machine from break downing.

  • 8

    USA imported DOW brand seawater RO membrane, max salt removing rate can reach up to 99.5%.

  • 9

    High quality quartz sand filter, can remove the large impurities, alga and so on, and can be manual cleaning independently.

  • 10

    High quality 1um pleated PP filter, it can remove the fine particles within 1um, protects effectively the seawater RO membrane.


Reverse Osmosis Systems feature a unique and innovative compact design that allows for easy installation in any size area. The high grade corrosion resistant aluminum frame features a modular 2-in-1 design that allows for the system to be divided into multiple assemblies for easier mounting. Also equipped with premium components which include a pump for high performance and corrosion resistance, a programmable computer controller with many built-in features, fiberglass membrane housings for durability and FilmTec™ seawater membranes for high quality product water.

  • Pre-booster pump
  • Pre-filtration
  • Dosing pump system
  • Sea water pump
  • Energy recovery device
  • RO booster pump
  • Indicators / Alarm / Auto-control
  • Storage tank (option)

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